Friday, January 23, 2004

let the games begin...

Abby was evaluated for sensory development yesterday. She did really great. I mean that she was cooperative at least. I prayed that the therapist would be able to get a true evaluation, as much as she was able, and I think that was answered. Usually, Abby will not separate from me and dissolves into tears or errupts into acute tantrums when anyone places a demand on her. Granted, the therapist had really "fun" stuff for her to do, but reguardless...We will receive the full evaluation next week, but the therapist talked with me briefly afterwards. She said Abby is pretty severly impaired and is very weak. I was surprised by that. You sure wouldn't know she's weak when she's pitching a fit! A lot of her deficient scores originate from her poor receptive language, meaning her inability to understand what is being asked of her. Later while we were talking in the gym, Abby spontenously did several exercises that the OT did not think she could do, based on her performance during the evaluation. Anyway, like I said, we'll know more in a week. I feel pretty down about the outcome of yesterday. I guess I wanted just one professional to give her a good report in some area. The reality of what she is up against becomes more clear to me everyday and it isn't that great. I want to think I am not in denial, but there is definately a part of me that hopes that someone will see her and announce, "There has been a terrible mistake! She's perfectly normal. Go take a parenting class." I guess I need to count my blessings that at least her genreal health is great. We went to the ped. on Tuesday. It was wretched, poor doc., but he said she is in good health and is growing, etc. just as she should. It was the first time we'd seen him since the diagnosis and he is so kind. He gave me his personal cel. number to use anytime, even if it's just to talk. He was very sympathetic and even wrote a "perscription" for a home security system that will make it covered by our insurance because Abby is a danger to herself with her escape acts. I thought that was pretty cool. I guess we'll be getting those sensors that go "beep, beep, beep," whenever a door or window is disturbed. That's all for now. Next week: pediatric neurologist.
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