Saturday, February 07, 2004

Behavioral Innovations

I met with the people who will designing Abby's A.B.A. program yesterday. They were wonderful! I'm so happy that we found them. Everyone was so young and fresh and they love what they do. It is a unique treatment center. They offer an in-house program that I really wish we could do. It is so cool! One on one teaching and then later they do 2:1 and even 3:1 social skills building. They have a video monitoring room so I got to watch the analysts with the kids and it was so neat. However, they don't have any openings right now and we really can't afford it anyway, $3000/month! What I'd like to do is do a home based program and a part-time center program. Ideally she will go there Tu. and Thur. all day (8-4pm) and then me and the team I hire will run a morning program Monday and Wednesday, followed with sensory intergration in the afternoon. Then she'll come home and sleep then I'll do a couple more hours in the afternoon. Friday, we'll work with her in 3 two/hr sessions. And then I'll work with her on Saturdays for a couple of hours in the AM too. The man who met with me really put a lot of concerns about my own abilities to do this to rest. I know we'll be adaquetly trained and monitored. They will do home visits and require me to come up there to observe them with Abby twice a month. The facility was very nice. It's funny to say that when I recall how it is set up. It is NOT your typical pre-school by any means. It is clinical, but cozy. Not exactly little children in neatly pressed school uniforms learning their shapes and pre-reading skills. Not exactly a page out of "Madeline." Not at all what I ever imagined for either of my girls, but wonderful all the same. I take Abby in for their assesment on Feb. 12th I am so excited to get moving on this. I feel more and more confident that I can do this.I also met with her ped. yesterday for a conference and he was really reassuring about the WS thing. He said Dr. So is very thorough and just wants to rule it out and while he wouldn't speculate very much, he said that he too would be surprised if she tested positively. He encouraged me to get a "coach," a personal supporter and someone I can be really honest with about my feelings who will tell me truthfully if I need to take some "me" time and will know if I am being too pollyanna and hiding feelings. I am going to ask my sister. He also wants us to try melatonin with Abby for her sleep disturbances. I have been loathe to try it, but after another rough night last night, it is sounding pretty good. He really wants me to journal my experiences and he said he is honored to be apart of our journey. I feel so blessed to have him on our team.Also, Abby's MRI/blood work is scheduled for Feb. 18th. I am pretty nervous about her being put under. I am pretty scared about the genetic testing results. It's weird, I am simulteneously scared and at peace about the whole thing. I know that sounds nutty, but Jimmy feels the same way.Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.


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I read some of you later posts. I'm so glad to hear that your girls are doing well. I don't want to go break confidentiality here, but I used to work with one of them and think of her fondly all of the time.

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