Tuesday, February 24, 2004

OT today....

Abby has her first OT/SI session today at 11:30. FINALLY a real live something to help her!!!!! YAY!
BTW, OT/SI stands for Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration.
Today's session was okay. She went berzerk when we pulled up to the clinic, but I got her in the doors and her therapist took her back. I left with Emma Jean, who was very worried about her sister, little sweetie. Abby's teacher from church was there too, I wasn't expecting her and I think her being there may have helped some. Anyway, the therapist said that it took Abby 5 minutes to chill out and then she was pretty cooperative. She was ready to go when I came back, but in a chipper mood, so that seems like a good sign. We go back again on Wednesday. We'll be going twice a week until there is an opening at the treatment program we want to enroll Abby in, after that we'll have to work on her sensory issues at home with the occasional clinic visit. I hope it helps Abby and her anxieties are abated a little bit at least.
While Abby was in therapy, Emma Jean and I went over to Whole Foods together. We shared an iced-tea and she had a peanut butter cookie while I picked up some things for my client. It was fun. She is so different than Abby. She's alternately very chatty and shy with everyone we meet. Abby is just oblivious or all in a tizzy, usually. I almost feel like I don't know Emma Jean like I do Abby. It is a new feeling that I just uncovered. I hope that as Abby's routine becomes more established, Emma Jean and I can really get some good time in together.


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