Sunday, November 21, 2004


Today, Abby went to her first day of typical Sunday school without an aid or a shadow!
She has been in a program our church has set up for kids on the spectrum and when we started being able to do that it was life changing. In September they decided she was ready to transition but I wasn't, LOL. Well, it is very hectic in September when the whole children's ministry has promotion Sunday and Jimmy had just gotten home and too many changes in her routine at once can be hard for her. Anyway, we began transitioning in October and we had a few false starts trying to find the right fit for her. Finally, we ended up putting the girls together and after two weeks with a shadow, today was the day. Her teacher said that she did great and that the two of them were fine together. YAY!
Thanks for letting me share our little victory. Jimmy is away and I was about to pop!


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