Saturday, October 23, 2004

be careful what you pray for

LAB results:

my prayer: "Please God don't make us do GF/CF! Please?"
HIS answer: "Okay."

I finally was able to keep the appointment. We are going to add some new things to her vitamin regime and up her Taurine. Also, he has orderd another urine sample to test for metals. Collection cup, her we come.Oh well. After she got over her fear of the "little cup" last time, she was po'd that she didn't get to use that everytime. My little weirdo.
The bad news is that because of the extreme yeast overgrowth in her intestinal tract, he wants her to go on the candida diet which is a real pain in the butt.We will also be removing casein from her diet on a trial basis and adding probiotics to her ever expanding vitamin regime. We will begin on Monday. I dread it, but hopefully it will make her feel a lot better and we'll see even more improvements in her eye-contact, attending, etc.

Anyway, that's it from the front. Anyone else ever tackled candida?

She did great this morning with the new additions to her vitamins.
I can't believe how well she is speaking now. Her language skills have totally lapped Emma Jean's.

We are going to let her have a bit of a "free-for-all" this weekend. Beginning Monday, she can have no sugar, no processed foods, no high-glycemic index foods (potatoes, pasta, white rice), no dairy, no crackers, nothing with yeast in it....and so forth.It is going to be hard, I fear. We are going to start talking about how going to Sonic and Mc Donald's makes your teeth hurt and need to go see the doctor a lot, and means more shots. etc. I don't know what is going to happen. Poor Abby. Poor Beans too.


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