Friday, November 18, 2005

pray for this family please

The folks I brought a meal to tonight, the Kalbs. A friend of a family in our church who recently lost their college age son (their only child) in a car accident. They just returned with his body and they are preparing for his funeral. It was the saddest scene I've ever happened onto. This family actually does not attend our church, I don't know if they attend anywhere. The woman (mother) is partner in a law firm that one of our congragants is partner in and so that's how the 'Hugs and Quiches' ministry got involved. I have dropped off a meal to many families in similar situations over the past four years and never once has what happend tonight happened before. When I went to leave the mother just fell on me in her grief, weeping. 'He was my only baby. My only baby.' Here she was surrounded by eight maybe ten people who knew her and her son and she was so bereft that she literally fell on a total stranger, just weeping. It was surreal. I could see his 1980's looking baby book open on the coffee table behind me as I held her up while she sobbed.
Heart breaking stuff, this.


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