Friday, November 11, 2005

stupid human tricks

I don't know about ya'll, but I was on autopilot those first few weeks post-partum. They girls were my first experience of infants and I was frenzied: nursing round the clock, trying to keep our tiny jumbled aprtment from imploding, getting adjusted, and of course very little sleep. Then there are all the joys of just having delivered my first babies. No tears, no surgery, but I was SORE and I developed an unrelentling rash on my tummy and upper thighs that we later learned was an allergy to oxytocin.. The itching was terrible and I often had to get up in the night after nursing the girls and retrieve an icepack for relief. I would wrap it in a thin cup towel and place it on my stomach and try to catch a few winks. Anyway, one morning following another itchy night, I was bustling around the bedroom and I kept noticing this smell. It wasn't a bad smell, in fact it smelled kind of good, but it wasn't a baby smell either. Even though the aroma persisted, I couldn't figure out what it was and I just dismissed it and went about my morning. Early afternoon, I finally got around to making our bed. As I snapped the sheets tight and fluffed the comforter I smelled the mysterious smell once more. Again, I checked the girls, the diaper pail (yes we used cloth ) the oven, the trash, nothing explained it. I went back to the bed after I finished making it up I noticed a lump between the duvet and the cover. I went to smooth it out and when I couldn't I had to investigate. Low and behold, the source of the scent was at last discovered:
In my stupor the night before while foraging for an icepack, I had grabbed and taken to bed with me a foil package of leftover turkey enchiladas that Jimmy had frozen.
OM gosh. I just laughed and laughed that I had been sleeping with my sweet new babies and some spicy enchiladas.


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