Monday, October 10, 2005

Jason Upton ~ Faith

Okay, please bear with me. Most of ya'll know I like Christian music and much of it touches me and is so relevant. I adore the old hymns and the rockin' Christian tunes as well as the singer/songwriter genre. But friends, today I listened to a CD I got a while back and never really played. I think I hit the first song and it just wasn't what I was expecting and I never played it again. Today I did for some reason and this CD is so...simply put annointed. The musician is I guess. I am pasting the lyrics to one song ('song' seems insufficient to describe it) from the CD. I was literally weeping, just overcome while it poured over me. I am not a hard rock or anything, but it is not like me to be so moved. Anyway, if reading it strikes you at all, then hearing it will blow you away. Even dh was stilled completely when we listened to it together tonight after the girls went to bed.
Maybe it is just where we are right now, but in case someone else might need this balm that soothes and sparks at the same time, I want to pass it on.
The artist is Jason Upton and the album is called Faith and this song is also called Faith....

(inspired by the Holy Spirit and sung by Jason Upton)

Let faith arise, oh Lord, let faith arise
In the deepest parts of my being, oh Lord
In the most broken parts of me, oh Lord
Friends have failed me Lord, let my faith arise
Loved ones have failed me Lord, let my faith arise
Heroes have failed me Lord, let my faith arise
Let my faith arise
Let my faith arise
Let my faith arise
Let my faith arise
I say NO to the discouragement that keeps me down
I say NO to the things that keep me back from You
And this broken heart inside of me
Broken in so many pieces
By so many circumstances
I say NO to just letting it stay that way
Because I’m learning to trust that it’s not You that hurt me
I’m learning to believe that it’s not You that deserted me
I’m believing that You still love me
Brokenness and all
I’m believing that You’ve got a plan for me
I’m believing that You will restore me
I believe that You will awaken my soul
And let, let faith arise again, I believe
I believe like a little child again
I’m gonna dance in my trust in You, oh Lord
I’m gonna dance


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