Thursday, November 24, 2005

trying something crazy today with Abby...

Styling her hair. Both of my girls really despise the hair dryer (as well as those hand dryers in public restrooms, leaf blowers, etc. ). I recently splurged on a new hairdryer with a diffuser to see if that would help, but all Abby had to say about that is, 'I don't like it with the confuser either. I still don't like it.' Ugh. Anyway, there here has always been such drama associated with hairdrying that I have never even tried to do anything as radical as curl their hair. That is quiet of course, but they are so torqued after the hair drying that when they have even seen a stying tool they freak out. But, today I am going to be brave and try to use a curling brush on Abby's hair. We want to take a few pictures of the girls while we are at my SIL's today and I'd really like for Abby's hair to look nice.Wish me luck!


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