Friday, May 27, 2005

a few thoughts on parental denial

Parental denial, while understandable, is selfish and hurts the child the very most. I don't mean to sound harsh. I empathize. I have struggles of my own, but it still makes me so sad. The qualitity of the entire family's life as a community is impacted when tough issues are left unaddressed.
People are always remarking on all that we've done for the girls and how much I've read, etc. and I feel ridiculous taking the compliment becuase it's like, "Well what the heck else would I do?" But, when I started meeting other parents, I found out that not everyone thinks like I do. A speaker at the Autism/Asperger's conference made this statement and I thought it was a good reminder that people do deal differently with grief or any other situation:
"We all know that every child is at a different place on the spectrum. Well, so is every parent."

For what it's worth....
I say grieve then get on with it. You'll grieve again, there's always opportunities to grieve, but the time to act is N-O-W!


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