Friday, March 04, 2005

and the beat goes on....but sadly

I did go ahead and type up an email, ran it by a trusted friend who I can generally count on to be objective, and pressed 'send.' I actually feel relieved by the thought of not having to endure another jejune Saturday conversation with her.
Anyway, this is what I wrote, please forgive me for quoting myself.


Dear Sarah,
I regret my part in the heated exchange we had this morning. I got your message. And you are right of course, that it had never occured to me that you would have any personal feelings about ECI or that my criticisms of DISD's perspective on autism would sting or hurt you in any way. I am very sorry that I hurt your feelings, failed to recognize your personal connection to the field, and spoke derisively of the professionals employed in it. Once I got home, I turned to the only thing that I have to right my thinking and straighten my path, the Bible. I think I understand that you regard it as a collection of fables or stories that has outlived it's usefulness, but be that as it may, I depend upon it as a moral compass and I want to cite it as my source of such. Left to my own devices....well, I think much of my life is a pretty good illustration of what I am capable of on my own.
Anyway, I love you and your precious family.


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