Sunday, March 27, 2005

A new adventure in the verbal funhouse that is my life...

When I say "funhouse," you know what I'm talking about right? Those rickety-tilty buildings at the local fair, where the mirrors make you look all distorted and nothing is quite as it appears? Well that it what most verbal exchanges are like at my house. The girls don't know what I am saying most of the time and while I can often deduce what they are trying to express, it rarely has much to do with their choice of words.
For example, awhile back they had been wearing me out all day with their inattention to the activities that they had chosen. I would have barely gotten the requested game or whatever out when they were ready to move on. After the zillionth interruption to make some kind of modification, I ranted at them, "You girls need to stay on task until the timer goes off. Honestly, y'all are never satisfied! You need to practice being content."
Now admittedly, that was way too much information and far beyond their comprehension, but I mostly speak for my own benefit anyway.
How does Emma Jean react to this admonition?
"Oh yes mommy! Our tent! That's a great idea! We need our tents!"

Today I made the mistake of referring to our project as "dying" Easter eggs. OMgosh. Majorly poor choice of words here in Literal Land. Sheesh. I never thought I was going to talk Abby down from that one. From now on, we call it "coloring" Easter eggs.
Life on the spectrum...Never a dull moment.


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