Sunday, December 25, 2005

I do not think Emma Jean slept last night...

Maybe from 8pm-12am or so. She was out of bed having a totally awesome Christmas fit at 4:11 this morning. She was so jazzed there was no way I could send her back to bed. It was so funny. Of course Abby, ever the voice of reason was telling her, 'It's not Christmas until mommy and daddy get up sister.'
Emma Jean said, 'But Abby, I am telling you Santa was here. The cookies are gone and there are presents everywhere!'
'Not until mommy and daddy say so sister.'
'Listen sister, I am serious. Something has happened here and I think it is really Christmas!'
By then I was about to bust so we started the whole,'Huh? What is going on?'
Emma Jean came running in shrieking with delight, 'Mommy! Daddy! It is really Jesus' birthday today! There are presents everywhere and the cookies are gone!'
Abby, still in bed (not even Christmas dare interfere with the rules) cried out, 'I told her it was not Christmas til you and daddy said so. you say it?
It was a great morning. Truely the best we've ever had. Jimmy is on the mend, the girls were beside themselves and it was just such a miracle to be a part of, I didn't know if we'd ever have a Christmas morning like this, I really didn't. Praise God.
Happy birthday Jesus!


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