Friday, January 13, 2006

"I love you more than germs...."

After acting, well just not as Emma Jean as usual and then asking if she could take a nap(!), I felt Miss Beans' head and she felt really warm. So I took her temperature and sure enough 101.9! I was so surprised. She didn't appear to have any other symptoms. Anyway, I got her into some cozy jammies and was getting my bed ready for the patient when Abby began fussing over our sick sweetie. She went to hug Beans and I told her after that, no more hugs or kisses until Mommy said Emma Jean's temperature was normal. I reminded her that she didn't want to get sick and when someone has a fever, it means they have a germ. Now Abby has an unprecedented aversion to germs. Not because of anything we've done. I am pretty nonchalant about stuff like that. I am of the school of thought that too much anti-bacterial everything weakens the immune system. I mean I clean and we wash our hands a lot, but I am not a freak about germs like some folks. Like Abby for instance. Anyway, I can use this little predilection of hers to my advantage at times so I figured the germ warning about sister would keep Abby a mile away. But do you know what my sweet Bitty Bee said? She gave Emma Jean another hug and said, "Oh sister. That's alright. I love you more than germs."
I know that was Abby speak for 'I won't even let a germ come between us."
How sweet is that? Sister love. It just doesn't get any better than sister love.


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