Saturday, January 07, 2006

let the games begin!

Abby starts swim classes this week. I am so excited for her. She seems like a natural and I am hoping that once she learns the basics she'll really excel and enjoy swimming. I think it could be a terrific lifelong sport for her. In the short term, I know it has a tremendous and positive impact on her language and attention and I am looking forward to meeting some people outside of the therapy circuit, both for her and for me.
Emma Jean will also be starting a new activity: Gymnastics (or 'Nastix' according to her, LOL). She has taught herself how to do backflips on the trampoline already and on the ground she can do a pretty decent round off and even a front handspring! I was a 'Top of Texas Tumbler' when I was her age so it's in the genes. When I spoke to the gal who runs the program told me that Emma Jean could wear shorts for her first class just incase it turns out she doesn't like it. I had to laugh. Like it or not, Emma Jean is not about to go without the whole get-up. I am still hearing about a tumbling birthday party I took them to almost two years ago that they weren't suited up for appropriately. Who knew?
Anyway, I have the same hopes for Emma Jean in so far as meeting some new folks. Just another stride towards life among the Earth People.
Look out people, here we come!


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