Thursday, March 04, 2004

later that same day....

We're back.Emma Jean did great with her Aunt Barb. YAY!
Everything went pretty well at Behavioral Innovations. She only got about half-through the assesment though, so we have to go back again next Thursday. She did say that Abby was very smart and had a lot more going on than she was letting on to the rest of us, which is what Jimmy and I have always said. She said that she was a quick learner and that she would be a pleasure to work with, that said though, she is very non-compliant and has practically no attending skills. But we already knew that. I actually was in the rooms the whole time with her, which I am usually not allowed to do. It was interesting to watch her do the stuff she does with us with someone else and be on that end of things. It was also interesting to watch how a professional deals with her. I am in for a real education when we get this party started. On that front, there appears to be a near immediate opening for part-time therapy, Tu. and Thurs. and Abby is #1 on the waiting list. I asked the therapist if I needed to go ahead with the whole home-based process and explained that I wasn't sure that was the best use of our limited resources. I mean, if it costs $2000 to get started at home and then there is an opening in the full-time program, it's not like we can parlay that into the $3000/mo tuition. She said not do anything on that front. They will train me and I can do enough every day that coupled with the twice a week 8 hour sessions there, she will be on her way until there is a full-time opening. I am very pleased about that, plus that means in the mean time, we can also continue with the SI therapy which seems to be helping already.So, all in all, a good day. I am pooped out though. Thanks everyone for your kindness and prayers.


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