Sunday, May 16, 2004

vaccines and autism

because someone really I've been asked!

What do you think about childhood vaccines being linked to autism?

It is a very intense arguement in the ASD community. Personally, I think the Danish study that made the link was flawed, but I also do not trust our CDC or the Congressional findings on the matter that completely discount the link either.
It is definately an organic condition of the nervous system. I think genetics play a role (a BIG one), and I think enviornment does too. Knowing what I know now, I absolutely would not vaccinate or get a flu shot today. No way. That said, I do not believe that Abby's autism is the sole result of MMR or other vaccinations she received. I think she was genetically predisposed, she does not have the disentigrative type of autism, often blamed on the vaccinations, but I would not rule out that the vaccinations could have escalated a potential condition into a very real one and may have worsened what might have been very mild.
I went to an interesting conference today that dealt with some of this stuff, presented by a neurosurgeon. It was truely facinating and has pretty much cemented my feelings against vaccinations. There are too many unknowns and there are certain genetic predispostions that are obviously present in our gene pool that would make me wary of introducing any future vaccinations.

Sorry I rambled on and on. If anyone wants more on this matter I have a ton of links

Abby was officially diagnosed in December, just before her third b-day. Jimmy was in denial for a full year before that. Professional after professional had begun to warn of the possibility by the time Abby was two, but no one in my family or his would even hear of it. It was very difficult. I felt very scared and very alone. Her extreme reactions had made it near impossible for me to take her anywhere and by the time we left for CA last summer, I was exhausted. Thank goodness by November, we were both prepared to face reality. He is a wonderful partner in this struggle now. :) He really relies on me to do all the legwork and reading, to attend conferences and obtain any videos or lectures on CD that I can find, but he is always ready to hear about what I've learned and comes to as many of Abby's Team Meetings and evaluations as he can. He would do more, but he alreay has a full-time job and learning about Abby's disorder and possible interventions is a full-time job in itself, it really is. Not to mention trying to find money. Our insurance won't cover anything. Grrrr.


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