Wednesday, March 24, 2004

here we go

Abby starts therapy today! I drop her off at 8:45am and pick her up at 4pm. I cannot believe she is going to be away from me for tht long! I am a little nervous for her, but I know that the staff at Behavioral Innovations have seen everything so whatever she throws at them, they can handle it. After I take her, I will be dropping off Emma Jean at PDO until 3pm. Whatever will I do with all that time? No screaming fits for so many hours!?! It will feel like I am in a vacuum. I am anxious for her to start getting this help. If she responds to it the way we believe that she will, things are really going to change around here. The first two weeks her therapists won't do much more than get her acclimated and get to know her, then the real work will begin. I am excited to see what happens. We anticipate some hard days in the beginning. Abby is not to keen on changes or demands of any sort being put on her, so it should be interesting. We've seen remarkable progress in her language since she began the Sensory Intergration therapy, truly remarkable! Yesterday she came up to me and said, "Mommy, I'm so glad to see you!" I was flabbergasted! Jimmy and I think she may have surpassed Emma Jean in her speech, no joke. We've always said, and the therapists that have evaluated her have agreed, that she has a lot more going on up there than she lets on, lol. So now we'll see!


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