Tuesday, March 23, 2004

later still....

She did great!
V. positive reports from each of her therapists. We are so proud. The real test will be Thursday. It has been Miss Abby Ru's MO to go to something once, then refuse to ever do it again. So, Thursday will really be the marker. But, until then.....Hooray!!!
I enjoyed my time. She has been stuck to me like glue for her whole life. It felt a little weird and I just had to will myself not to worry, but I need a break from her, terrible as that may sound. I couldn't believe how much more tolerable the evening was after having had a substantial break today. I enjoyed my pilates adventure, I signed up for a month. It was really hard!?! I'm not sure I will like it as much as Power Yoga, but what's life if you don't try something new once in a while? I also took care of some personal business and got an American manicure. It was great, but I was ready to see them by the time pick-ups rolled around.


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