Thursday, March 04, 2004

MRI results....

Certainly testament to His power and grace. Abby had a skull fracture at three weeks of age. It was a terrible accident. We were new parents and I was nursing, ya'll know how tired you are and it's all so new. Well anyway, I finished nursing her and as our routine stood, I handed her off to dh to return her to their crib. I guess he fell asleep and rolled over or moved some way and she fell to our tragically hip, stained concrete floor. It was awful and we spent a two days in the hospital. CPS was called in through an error in a hospital report, it was a giant debacle and Jimmy has carried tremendous guilt ever since. It was worth it to have the MRI just to put that whole mess to bed, once and for all. Prior to now, no amount of reassurance by me or the doctors that Abby's diagnosis and that accident were not related could abate his guilty feelings. I am so glad that he can be released from all of that now. Needless to say, I am also glad that there is nothing else at work here for Abby's sake too.God is good!


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