Friday, August 06, 2004

What a week!

Boy am I glad it's over.
I haven't posted much lately. I had so much going on that I just didn't have the hootzpah to type about it, KWIM?
First off, hats off to all the single moms on the board, whatever the circumstances, I am getting a small taste of what y'all do and it is so tough.
Most of you know, that Jimmy is away, and while he has been able to come home for quick visits, much to my surprise and pleasure, I have been essentially on my own since July 3 and will be until August 21 (possibly until the 31) and it is tough. While my hour to hour schedule isn't that different, there are areas that are tougher. Like realizing at 8 pm that I don't have enough containers to pack my clients' food and having no way to run across the river to pick up some more without rousing everyone to get some. Or SHOOT! We only have on more overnight pullup? With an autistic daughter, that kind of excursion at bedtime can cause total mayhem...what to do? I find myself engaged in another prayer of thanks that at least I found a straggling swim diaper to make do with....I'm sure it sounds trivial, but even the slightest "change" can make for a meltdown like you would not believe, except for those of you who would believe it.
In addition to those everyday things, and what it means to cook 12-15 meals a day, plus the three for my family... I shop, cook, pack, label, invoice, manage the books, and clean, oh and deliver...All of which must happen between spending 4 hours a day minimum in commute between the girls' "schools." I got a new client this week, PTL, but "yikes" too...Then there is OT for Abby and coordinating more OT and now speech for my once believed NT child.....
And this week I have had to collect more urine than anyone who is not a lab technician should, and on a really specific schedule, and coordinate air mail pick-ups since it is all perishable data.
And let's not forget having to take my very, VERY fearful daughter to get 5 vials of blood drawn and then being given this insane regimen of nutritional and vitamin supplements, oh and B-12 shots (yes injections) to begin administering while we wait to find out whether or not a very intimidating dietary plan must be enacted. And wait to do the rest of the ordered tests, because I only had half of the nearly $2000 for tests that my insurance refuses to cover.
Oh...have I mentioned the money??? Oh, well I know I have before, but it is a lot...
I am quitting now, I actually could go on, but I won't, let's just sum things up with...It has been quite a week and I am so glad it is over. And praise God, that we got through it, with several not so minor victories I will report in my next thread.
This week, I am reminded again to that are many "little" things to be thankful for that I overlook on a daily basis. So a big "thanks!" to my heavenly father and all of you who pray for us regularly, because let me tell you , this week was made possible by y'all.
God bless!

post script
I really know that, by our estimation anyway, Abby and the rest of us are better off than 98.5% of families of children with autism. We truely are. It could be so much worse. We have been very blessed in more ways than I can list throughout this whole journey. I am not being a pollyanna, we really have been. This is not to say I don't feel down sometimes or question God, I certainly do those two things and plenty of other terribly unheroic stuff. Someday, I may post the letters I send out to our other prayer warriors that update them on what is going on. It is amazing to me when I read back over them, how far we've come. She is definately the hardest working three and a half year old on the block. And the heavens above have put in a lot of overtime this year.


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