Sunday, August 08, 2004

open letter to my husband (whom I love).....

I am so glad that you are in La Jolla, a locale that has been chosen as the most temperate place on earth. (It's been over 100 here for days now).
Before you left, when you bemoaned how much you'd miss us, even the tantrums (which I pointed out and you persisted in claiming you would miss). I said, "I know you will honey."
And when you cried about how much you hated to be away, I said," I know you do, honey."
And when you said, "I feel so bad that you will be on your own so much with so little respite,"
I said, "We'll be fine."
I meant it.
I did and I do and we are.
BUT, that said....
Please don't call me and tell me how much you will enjoy sleeping in late while the family is off yachting in Catalina. Especially emphasizing, "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to sleep in."
I don't? Life of Riley that I've led for the last 3 1/2 years?
Cause I've been collecting urine samples.
Please don't tell me you went surfing and how awesome it was. Not that I am not so glad for you, I am. But could the revelry wait til next week? Someone just $H!T in the bathtub...again.
Oh the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club is even nicer when you go without the little ones? ("It will be so great when we all come out next year and Abby is doing so much better.")
I know.
It will be. I can't wait.
But in the mean time, I had to deal with my usual exhausting routine and my mother. Bless her, but I wish you could have been here for that dreadful DR. visit and the anxiety I had leading up to it.
In not so few words,
I love you honey and I AM REALLY HAPPY that you are getting this time. Your job sounds great to those on the outside, only the few on the inside know what it means to work so closely with the fabulously priviledged. It's difficult and unpredictable and often thankless.
But, and while I know you know this (though lately you seem to have forgotten) so is being a mom, esp. a mom to our girls. (and minus the priveledge)
So could you try a little bit harder to keep your current "misery" to yourself?
You know I love you sweetie.


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