Monday, August 16, 2004

gotta brag on my sparkles!

First of all, thank you for your prayers. As always, I know that God's hand is moving in our lives and thank you for bring so diligent in your prayers for us. They are being answered everyday!

Abby is doing so great with her vitamins! I am SO proud of her. She hates it and it is very hard for her, but she is doing it!!
Despite being encouraged to "hide" these supplements in juice, etc, I really felt like that was not the way to go with her. I don't think it's wrong or anything, but she is just too smart for that.
Anyway, my girlfriend from Austin left her kids with her dh and came up to help me on Saturday and she was a woman on a mission, LOL. She pretty much told Abby where it was at and then gave her the stuff: All the powdery vitamin stuff mixed with the Super Nutera and cod liver oil. No juice. A little bit of honey. It was no small feat, but Abby took it and I promptly took her to the store for a balloon (her fav thing). Carmen did it again on Sunday, doubling up her dosage so that all I had to get in her last night was the zinc, no biggie. I did it myself this morning and we got through it. We also had a shot today and she is really getting good about those, so yah for Abby! Bless her heart. It's not easy for her and she struggles against it, but she is doing it and not spewing it all out or kicking me or biting me and it is all about progress around here, LOL.
And now for Beans, I know this won't sound like much, but she has some real behavioral problems too. Mostly related to some sensory disfunction and her auditory processing disorder, but a real problem none the less. Anyway, her language has improved a lot lately and even better (at least as far as the mood in the home goes...) she is really working on getting control of herself and her outbursts. It is baby steps , but I am very proud of her nonetheless. Very, very proud of her.
That's it. I'm all done bragging now. Thanks for "listening!"
but while I'm here.....

I had my bi-weekly team meeting with Abby's team of therapists today. I love them because I get to see her show off her new skills and it's my opportunity to note progress or concerns with her consultative ABA therapist and other therapists, but I always dread them a little bit because they are two hours long and very tiring as well.
Anyway, today's meeting was great. Abby is doing all kinds of cool things like:
1) if you give her tiles with all the letters of the alphabet on them she can place them in order as well as make the sound that each letter makes phonetically.
2) If you give her 4-6 shades of one color (think blue paint samples in verigated shades), she can order them from darkest to lightest and state to which degre each shade is.
3) She has mastered tracing all the letters and numbers, except for "8," and is free-writing her name, both lower and upper cases.
4) She is doing great with unprompted initiations and learning to follow the rules of the classroom in her transition pre-school classes.


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