Thursday, January 06, 2005

Abby is just amazing us...

at every turn.

Just now she was up in our bed with Jimmy and I heard her say, "Daddy? I missed you while you were gone."
She said it unprompted and unscripted and with the right prosody. She sounded very natural.

Last night, the girls were watching "Barbie in Rapunzel." On the DVD at the end there is a little clip about a young girl IRL who is an artist. We are always praising Emma Jean's artistic ability (though Abby is quite gifted too, but differently) and when my sister was here recently who is an artist, we spent a lot of time on the subject. Anyway, Abby turned to Emma Jean and said, "That girl's an artist just like you Emma."

I was so wishing someone else had been here to hear her say that. Very neat-o.
There has been an explosion of progress with ABby in the last 7 days. It just happens like that...BOOM! Huge leap. I always wonder...why now? What did we do? This time I think it might have to do with the chelation and hopefully getting all of those toxic metals out of her body.

On a side note....Emma Jean used the pronoun "she" accurately on the first try three times yesterday, HOORAY! We have been drilling this for months with no improvement. I was thrilled. I made a big deal out of it. Maybe it will stick, though that's the thing with dyspraxia, language mastery comes and goes. It's so frustrating.
Regardless, I am counting it as a score for Beans!!

It's gonna be a good year.


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