Sunday, January 29, 2006

my intellectual emancipation

"We need not to worry so much about the loudmouths as about the quiet acts of subversion and training by dangerous people, up and down the country, who on the whole keep their mouths shut."

~Lord Douglas Hurd

I've been reading a lot of political stuff lately, with my current invalid status and a very helpful husband, I have time to really indulge myself.The Alito confirmation hearings stirred my interest about a number of issues.
*See? I don't just obsess about autism related matters, people.
And with all my reading, my allegiances have not been tested, just further shored up. I have to say I can see why there has been such a movement away from traditional news sources to the internet and bloggers for information. The current media via newspapers and television is just ridiculous. There is too much money and power delegateded to too few information outlets. I don't want news that only supports what I believe. *Note this does not necessarily apply to my personal relationships. In those circumstances, I want to hear my opinion replayed to me but in someone else's voice, i.e. my husband's, etc. So any family or friends who happen read this,don't go getting any ideas about whether or not I really want to know what you think. Even if I ask you. Perhaps especially if I ask you. But when it comes to current events and the events that historically may have shaped them, I want the facts. I was blessed with reasoning skills just like the next fellow. I don't want someone's or some entity's analysis presented as truth; I can make that determination for myself, if given the factual information. Anyway, the only way I can get to that stage of the game is to listen to or read two totally extreme opposites and then hash it out with whatever other sources I can find to answer my questions. It is frustrating that everything I can easily access is tainted if not out and out generated to support a political agenda or some commercial outfit. So to heck with the supposed vanguard who have labeled this "Generation {wh}Y." It is hard to really care about what is going on in our nation or world at large when it is all as simulated as a Pixar movie or as contrived as a reality program.
There you go. That's my rant for this afternoon.

Here are my findings from all my research:

*everything is President Bush's fault. Even when there is compelling evidence to the contrary, everything is still his fault. My current back injury...oh you better believe it.

*Michael Jackson has completed his transformation via plastic surgery and is actually a woman.

*Senator Kennedy is far more heinous of a politician than I ever thought possible. I won't speak to his personage, since I don't know him, but....oh my gosh! How can Massachusetts be home to all those great centers of learning and letters and continue to vote that vile man into office?

*Alito is my new modern day hero. I may even have a crush on him.

*There are intelligent conservative rational and critical thinking people out there who don't just blindly follow the dogma that the party I align myself with gets such a muckracking for in the general press (And in my own mind, to be truthful. Apologies my bretheren).

Now I can finally purge myself of the feelings of inferiority that have plagued me since leaving the conservative, if not dangerously narrow, folds of home for the great big liberal world of Higher Education and the highly educated. I am excited to finally shake the notion off that to be a thinker and be credible, one must embrace Godless liberalism with no exception.
Wheww! Free at last, free at last!

So today's ramblings are really my way of saying "Thank you!" to Al Gore for making these revelations possible.
Vive la internet!


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