Saturday, June 26, 2004

CAPD anyone?

Emma Jean has been diagnosed with a language disorder and apraxia. We are waiting for a reference from her ped. for an audiologist. Has anyone else gone though this routine?
We are beginning SI therapy with her this summer, hopefully a home program (it is expensive and I think Abby needs more formal intervention and I can do Beans' at home). We are also going to start Listening Therapy, which Abby needs as well, but we had been putting it off because it is expensive too (anyone see a trend here? LOL). Has anyone done this? Then come fall, she'll start some formal language enrichment therapy. We are also having the speech path come out and assess her current placement to see if it is appropriate for her. I think it meets all the criteria, but it is a larger classroom than she recommends. I personally do not believe the classroom that she thinks Emma Jean belongs in even exists, and if it does, I am sure it is a ton of dinero. I also need to start looking for a good little school for both of them for pre-K 4, since they will have some special requirements. I don't even know where to start.
Any input would be appreciated.


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