Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wherever you go, HE is there

Abby has a tremendous fear of bathrooms. Public restrooms are the worst. They are a minefield of loud, impossible to predict noises and smells. The air hand dryers, the fans, and don't even get me started about automated toilets.

Anyway, she had been fine at school until the bathrooms by her classroom quit working. Because of the massive remodeling that is going on at her campus, they may not repair them since there are several other restrooms in the proximity. Abby has been having a really difficult time for the last two weeks. It has been a nightmare to be honest and I had exhausted my bag of tricks as of this morning. I was thinking I was going to have to bring in one of her former ABA therapists to come assess the situation. I was so frustrated I started crying after having spent an hour with her at school today investigating all the bathrooms to no avail. She was obviously terrified and it was breaking my heart. I could not believe that of all the possible major problems she could have with school this year, it was going to be those dang bathrooms that did her in.

Well, her teacher just called to report that she did it! She went and was very brave and did a great job.I sent Abby to school today wearing some dogtags of her dad's that have a shield with Joshua 1:9 written on it. She knows the verse by heart, but in an inspired moment this morning I got the encklace out and put it on her to wear to school. Her teacher said that after Abby used the bathroom she was so excited and proud of herself that she went and told her sister, who in turn gave her a big hug and jumped up and down. She told her teacher, "I HAVE to wear this necklace everyday I come to school from now on!"

To that I say, "You bet sugar-pie!!!"

Oh, I am so happy right now. An answered prayer! This was truely an act of God. I had just hung up with Jimmy telling him the bad news about this morning and lamenting the whole situation when the phone rang and I saw the school on the caller ID. I already had my keys in my hand, literally! Boy was I thrilled to hear the great news I received instead!!

I called Jimmy immediately following my conversation with Abby's teacher and after he expressed his joy over this turn of events he confessed that he thought I was calling him to tell him to go get her. What a pair of doubting Thomas' we are!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Combating Autism Act blocked by a single Congressman

I don't know if you have read about what is going on with the Combating Autism Act in Washington, but we were on the precipice of getting something done for the Autism Spectrum Disorder community when a Texas Congressman who values big pharmacy bucks over his local constituents' voices ground the legislative wheels to a halt. Please take a look at THIS blog to get an overview and to see some of the faces of autism whose voices are being silenced by Joe Barton. There are several links within the blog to editorials and other news coverage, as well as some moving letters from parents and grandparents in the comments sections.

Thanks for your consideration. Whether or not this gets passed will affect funding for autism programs and research nationwide. I hope you will reach out to your Representatives if you find this legislation compelling.
  • International Day of Prayer for Autism & Asperger's Syndrome