Sunday, March 26, 2006

all is well

Things have been going really well lately. The girls' DAN! doc made some changes to their regime of vits and supplements and we have seen big improvements in both language and cognition. PTL! We are waiting for some lab results that tested Abby's neuro transmitters and will hopefully tell us the best next step to take when it comes to her attending. In the mean time, we are just keepin' on keepin' on.
I do have a little abacus funny that I must share.

The other night at dinner (jambolaya for us and chicken and rice, etc. for the girls), Jimmy and I were discussing our plans for tomorrow and I asked him if he'd want a ham steak in the morning before church because I had one in the freezer that I would pull. Abby asked if she could have some with her breakfast too. I was surprised since she doesn't really like ham, but of course agreed. This was the conversation's conclusion:

Abby: "Thanks mommy. I want to have exactly what daddy is having for breakfast tomorrow."
Daddy: "Oh good. That's great Abby."
After a very brief pause Abby pointed her fork in the direction of Jimmy's dinner plate and asked:
"Excuse me, Daddy? Are you having any of what's on your plate now for breakfast tomorrow?"

My little diplomat. She knew she had to be polite, but she was hedging before she really committed to anything. She cracks me up.


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